A Pedicure in New York

A pedicure is the process that people use to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of their feet and toenails, as well as improving the health of their nails and feet. A person can get a pedicure at home or by a pedicurist at a New York nail salon. It is better to get a pedicure in New York than a pedicure at home because a pedicurist is a licensed nail specialist. That means that the pedicurist has gone to school and completed the necessary requirements to be licensed to give a pedicure in New York State.

Getting a pedicure dates back more than 4,000 years. A pedicure or a manicure was often used to show social class. For example, Babylonians used to give themselves a pedicure using solid gold and in Egypt, Cleopatra’s nails were painted red while Queen Nefertiti’s were ruby, and peasants were light pink. The ancient Egyptian military used a pedicure or manicure to paint their nails the same color as their lips prior to the start of a battle.  Through the years, additional services have become customary with pedicures, such as exfoliation or rubbing off dead skin cells on the bottom of the feet.

The pedicure has come a lot way today. Getting a pedicure in New York allows you access to the latest pedicure trends from a quality nail specialist. Since New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is expected that a New York nail salon will be up on the latest pedicure trends. There are thousands upon thousands of nail salons to choose from, but a New York nail salon will be the best choice for your pedicure.

The atmosphere at a New York nail salon is one that focuses on the client. Getting a pedicure in New York at a New York nail salon means that you will be pampered and treated like an A-list celebrity because since so many of the clients at a New York nail salon are A-list celebrities, they are quite familiar with that level of quality client care. Getting a pedicure in New York at a New York nail salon goes beyond just the aesthetic appeal of a pedicure. When you visit a New York nail salon, you will also receive health tips on caring for your nails and feet based on your personal situation. If you have dry skin, the nail specialist will suggest a cream for you to use or if your cuticles are bad, the nail specialist will give you advice on how to better care for them.

A nail specialist at a New York nail salon realizes that a pedicure is more than just nail polish and cute pedicure trends, which is why a New York nail salon is the best choice for a pedicure.