Pedicure Designs and Trends

A pedicurist at a New York nail salon is constantly reviewing the latest trends in pedicure fashion. There are some that never go out of style, such as a French pedicure and plain colored nail polish, but bold color nail polish is something that is becoming popular again and there are always new pedicure patterns and pedicure designs that skirt in and out of popularity.

 A New York nail salon will probably do at least 100 applications of a French pedicure in one day, which speaks volumes of its popularity. The French pedicure started as a manicure by Jeff Pink, the Founder, CEO and President of ORLY. Hollywood was calling for a look that could be versatile with outfit changes without having to constantly change the color. Now, every New York nail salon has the French manicure as a staple service and the French pedicure wasn’t far behind. The French pedicure does the same thing its sister manicure does: elongates the nail, makes it look more elegant and sophisticated, and matches every outfit. The French pedicure and manicure has remained one of the most popular requests that a pedicurist will get at a New York nail salon.

One trend that is catching on is bold nail polish colors. While nail polish used to be all about matching the outfit, bold nail polish colors allow for a funky pop of color to contrast an outfit. Bold nail polish colors are a way to draw attention without doing anything too funky or extreme in your clothing. In an office setting, bold nail polish colors are a great way to show some individuality amongst the power suits.

Pedicure patterns and pedicure designs are becoming increasingly popular as well. Toes and fingernails don’t need to be one color! Some fun pedicure patterns include cheetah print or zebra stripes. These pedicure patterns can be difficult to do on your own, so ask a pedicurist at a New York nail salon for some fun polka dot toenails!

If you do want your toenails to be one color, try some fun pedicure designs on a toe or two. Put a firework on your big toe for Fourth of July, a turkey for Thanksgiving or a pumpkin for Halloween. Pedicure designs are great for people who aren’t necessarily ready for bold nail polish colors yet but are bored with a French manicure. Pedicure designs have one nail polish color as a base with a small design on the nail. It’s a great happy medium.